AP History

'From little things, big things grow' -- Paul Kelly 

Amazing People started as a vision, a dream and a belief in the heart and mind of two people -  that their lives could make a difference. In late 1992 Paul and Sallie Ann Macklin (SAM) lived and worked from a small two-room cottage in Berkeley Vale NSW. At the end of 1992 Paul and SAM stepped out of the world of advertising and 'secure employment' and into the challenges and vagaries of corporate training and running their own business. On the 25th January 1993 The Amazing Hat Company (AHC) was incorporated.

On 17th September 2001 The Amazing Hat Company became Amazing People. The name and brand Amazing People spoke about the heart of who we were, who we served, what we created and most of all what we continually aspired to be!

Late 2001 marked another milestone for AP with the sign off on our first major leadership and change initiative with Qantas ETOMS group. Partnering our leadership, team and change management capability with Deloites and Interaction Strategic and Cultural Communications, we embarked upon engaging and transforming the culture, workplace and work practices of approximately 6,000 Qantas engineers.

Suddenly AP had a steady demand for a series of large, repeatable programs and support fueling the need for growth both in the field and in the office. The 2003/4 financial year was a growth spurt that we may never wish to completely revisit. Fueled by the success of the Qantas ETOMS Leadership Challenge and the move to project versus program work the company rocketed. Some rather fondly compared it to an out of control Subaru WRX!!!

By the end of the year we featured in BRW's top 100 fastest growing companies ranked 26th against some of the best in the nation. By the end of the first quarter of 2005 we will have established AP Key Account Management, AP Connect Information Management System including intranet and extranet, AP Induction Program, AP SAFE Risk Management System, AP Corporate Identity Standards, AP Team Training and Development Program and a Marketing and Business Development Strategy to drive the business to its next level.

2004-2010 marked the start of our regular internal quarterly team building/training program AP Synergy, much needed to retain the sense of united team across both AP Central (the office based team) and AP Virtual (the field based team). We now employ eight full time and two part time staff at AP Central with seven employee facilitators and six subcontractor facilitators in AP Virtual!

At the end of 2010 with the Global Financial Crisis, we had our own and downsized the business back to the original team.  It has been a journey and now both Paul and SAM are balancing the life - work - giving balance.

We are re-inventing ourselves and enjoying the lives we are living.  Look at our what's new page to see what we are up to and the exciting times we are living in.