Build the Heart!


People engagement is about culture!

Do your people love coming to work? Are they committed to the organisation for more reasons than their pay? For your organisation to have a vibrant culture which is embraced by all of your employees... you need heart!

Amazing Programs to build the heart of your organisations include:

Community Challenge - a training program (based on any of our current programs) which includes the opportunity to make a difference in your local community as well.

Global Challenge - A new level of  leadership and team training. Take your team offshore to a 3rd world community to make a difference there while also experiencing our world class leadership and team training.

Head, Hand & Heart - unlock the creativity in your organisation for improved performance in the workplace

Corporate Values and Culture Assessment - diagnostics to identify what your current culture is and development paths designed to help your organisation achieve its strategic plan. We can help you develop a plan to achieve the a vibrant, positive and productive culture in your organisation

Intelligent Space-  a program to create an organisation wide common language. Tools so that your people are happy not only to provide constructive feedback but are requesting that people provide them with constructive feedback on their performance.