Community Challenge

Are you looking for a way to transform your business?

Utilise your training opportunities to build bridges into your local community!

Imagine your team laughing and having fun as they are building a bike, billycart, dog house, or cubby house. They could be learning skills in



team building

performance management

customer service


When the program is completed and the participants have achieved the learning outcomes and set action plans for implementing the learning in the "amazing" thing happens.

In walk some children or adults from the community organisation that you wanted to help.

The team is then asked to hand over to the "consumer" for quality inspection whatever the team has made for them!

Benefits of this program

Your people will be transformed and upskilled by the exceptionally creative and proven training of Amazing People.

Participants will be inspired and motivated by the experience, which will engage them in the workplace and with your organisation.

We are partnering with many community organisations to link the needs of the community to organisations who are interested in developing their people and making a difference.

If you are interested in doing things on a larger scale you might be interested in our Global Challenge.