Our program manuals are a visual feast. They engage participants through the graphic content and also because they are used throughout the program to record their responses, experiences and potential application back in the workplace.

The graphics used in the manuals are the same ones used on the flip charts so what they are seeing on the flip charts, they also have as a record back in the workplace.

Journey Maps

They are an option for all of our programs as something that participants can take with them after the program is completed to recall concepts back in the workplace.  They can pin them up in the office or use them as a mouse mat. 

Journey Map - These are a visual summary of key concepts of the program displayed in a single A4 laminate.

Pocket Concepts 

These are pocket sized reminders of program concepts.  They can be kept in the wallet, used as a keyring or kept in the pocket.  They are transportable and useful for participants to remind them of concepts to prompt their learning in various situations.

For example if a participant has completed a High Performance Coaching Program, they may need to practice the COACh Model.  A Pocket Concept will remind them of what the COACh Model represents, prompt them in a coaching situation and help them maintain their focus.