If you want to leave your footprint on the world - as well as learn about leadership and/or teamwork then this is the ultimate program!

Our leadership challenge program has been transformed for maximium positive impact on the the participants as well the world we live in.

Organisations can select where the program will run from our list of available projects. Rather than a conventional offsite training program, participants will be required to build a house, water tank, orphanage or other necessity which is currently out of reach for that community. During this process the participants will each have an "opportunity to lead" the team.

The benefit of this program is:

  • There 18 separate "opportunities" for a leader to step up and demonstrate their leadership capabilities.
  • Each of these opportunities to lead, provides the leader with specific and direct feedback on their current leadership skills and areas which need to be developed.
  • They learn practial leadership tools, proven to work in large complex organisations.
  • Participants are truely inspired by the experience which increases the retention of the learning.
  • Participants are not just saying it - they are making a real difference in the world!

Amazing People have linked with a number of charity organisations that work in the third world.

Projects will be based on the timeframe available for training, number of participants and availability of projects in the area that you wish to travel to.

As you can imagine there are many other variables which we are happy to come and discuss with you. The lead time on this type of project is at least 4 months, so if you have something coming up that this might suit, contact us to arrange for a consultant to meet with you.