Our Team

The Amazing People Team are all...

Qualified and Experienced

Our facilitators and program designers have qualifications specialising in education and have extensive experience in adult education. 

They continue to design and facilitate programs for many high profile international corporations as well as small local companies.

We are client focused

Our team are highly flexible and able to work with anyone in the team, on any day.  Our ultimate aim at all times is to ensure the client is totally happy with our services, that our program delivers specified outcomes and that they are willing to run further programs with us.  Whatever it takes as a team, we produce a first class product for our clients.

Paul Macklin - Director - BEd

Paul Macklin is the principal and founder of Amazing People.  Paul's passion for educating and helping people identify their creative potential began in the late seventies when he completed his Bachelor of Education, majoring in Art Education and Ceramics, at Sturt University.  He then worked for a brief period as an academic before spending a decade as a professional artist, working throughout Australia and Europe.  In the early 1990's Paul took on the role of Creative Director for an advertising agency.  It was during this time he began to consolidate many of his ideas regarding creativity, human dynamics and teams as they applied to the corporate world.

Recognising that people in business wanted practical tools they could apply immediately, Paul has spent the past 10 years developing and refining a range of specialised proprietary models.  Built on practical experience and an analysis of what works, rather than pure content and theory, these models form the foundation for Amazing People's training methodology and have been used to train more than 10,000 people.  Each model has direct application for daily use - whether at the organisational, leader or team member level.

A critical factor in the success of Paul's training and development methodology has been to recognise the complexity and challenge of change management in organisations.  He does not believe in taking a short-term approach.  Instead, Paul has successfully partnered with the most senior people in a variety of organisations to provide executive coaching support and interventions that support the change process throughout the entire organisation, providing everything from diagnostic and business analysis through to strategic planning facilitation, team and skill development programs.  Paul's unique blend of more than 25 years experience in education, creative expression and organisational development has led to him becoming one of the leading experts in his field in Australia today -- he is a dynamic and highly sought after presenter, facilitator and executive coach.

Paul's passion is simple - to inspire and transform the world!


Sallie-Ann Macklin - Director

One of the principles of Amazing People, known to all as SAM!  SAM's extensive business background helped establish the blueprint for Amazing People's business systems.  These systems are the foundation of the outstanding quality that clients of Amazing People have enjoyed for over 12 years.  She has been a major influence in all facets of the business either working or being responsible for project management, facilitation, financial management or system design.  

In her spare time SAM has been working on a photographic work  called - Inspirational Women- Ordinary Women doing the Extra-ordinary.  This photographic work had SAM travelling through Asia  to places such as the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and China.  

Inspirational Women was published in 2009 and now SAM is busy working on her second book - Legacy.


Associate Facilitators

We have an Amazing Group of Associate Facilitators to help to deliver and assist us, depending on the size of the project required.  Full details of their past experience and capability will be forwarded to our clients prior to project commencement.