Exceptional Program Design

Amazing People’s programs are designed with four key principles in mind:

Be engaging and interactive

Our objective is to engage participants of all learning styles. To give them an enjoyable experience with minimal lecture presentation and maximum opportunity for participation.

Be creative and innovative

Let’s get the creative side of the brain working! We use exceptional graphics and program support material to bring the message to life and we employ innovative techniques, such as ongoing face to face training and pocket guides, to improve recall and retention.

With a long term focus

Programs are designed to include a number of interactions with participants after the face to face program to improve recall and retention of program material.  This is a significant factor in the success achieved in modifying workplace behaviour.

Based on adult learning principles

Amazing People uses facilitation rather than "training" to engage participants and link learning to their existing experiences. By acknowledging that adults have experiences and building from this, the learning is more relevant and focused to each participant and their unique cognitive structures.