STAR© Model for success

The STAR© Model is a framework for producing success in your organisation through consistant and focused people and process management

Many of our programs have the STAR© Model as a foundation of the program. This includes the leadership, teams and meeting management. 

Programs based on the STAR© Model include

Introduction to the STAR© Model

New Stars

Rising Starts

Star Meetings

Star Leaders

Star Teams

Star Organisational Development Program

The STAR© Model is based on years of observing best practice teams, leaders and organisations. If you focus attention on achieving these 6 key areas you chances of achieving success are significantly increased.

Benefits of using the STAR© Model.

This framework is simple - so all staff can apply it in their workplace as it is easy to remember.

It creates an entire organisational development framework that is integrated and easy to apply organisation wide from the executives through to the front line team. 

We also license these programs so if you require exceptionally designed programs that can be delivered by your internal training and facilitation team, contact us for further details.