Team Management Systesm (TMS) is recognised as the foremost-integrated system of work based, research proven assessments and feedback instruments worldwide. TMS supports individuals, teams and organisations to create positive, lasting change and achieve higher performance in the workplace.

”Understanding and harnessing diversity in people is the key to developing high-performing teams and organisations”. 
Dr Dick McCann, Team Management Systems

Amazing People use the Team Management Profile and Linking Skills Profile as a foundation for many of their programs.

Benefits of the Team Management Systems Profiles:

  • Provides a complete approach to building and maintaining balanced, high-energy teams
  • Highlights the importance of mutual understanding and managing diversity.
  • Establishes confidence for the introduction of change
  • Helps people understand their motivations and what motivates others
  • Provides a simple common language and framework that can be applied across any industry or functional area
  • Improves team and leadership performance
  • Extensively researched with an ongoing validation and development program
  • Used in over 160 countries and available in numerous languages

The Team Management Profile highlights an individual’s major and related areas of work preference including information focused on: 

  • Communication and team relationships. 
  • Decision making orientation. 
  • Organising self and others.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Team building.
  • Management style.
  • Team member/leadership style.

The Personal Discovery Workbook is a standard inclusion with every Team Management Profile. The workbook contains theory, activities and a learning log, to foster a greater understanding of work preferences and how they impact individuals and teams.



In order for a team to be effective, team members and leaders must develop linking skills that ensure integration and coordination of the team’s activities.

The Linking Skills Profile is an individual 360-degree feedback instrument which measures the extent to which an individual should and does demonstrate these key skills. Included with the Profile is the Linking Skills Workbook, which helps individuals develop action plans for improving their own Linking Skills