1210mm x 600mm

acrylic, collage and mixed media on board

This painting is a culmination of technically, emotionally and spiritually of the previous paintings in this series, it breaks out of that depressed state into a far more positive, spiritual space.  The rings and halo’s around the trees represent my feelings that everything has spirit and goes well beyond it’s own physical space.

When you look back at my sketch books, you can see circular forms and halo’s around the trees, that emerged in my sketchbooks early on, in my meditation they represent spiritual energy.  As I have been researching and becoming more familiar with the early abstract painters like Hilma Af Klint and Sonia and Robert Delaunay, I have become aware that these forms are archetypes that have a lot of history as other people have incorporated them in their work.

Arkaroola landscape and energy has also influenced this final painting in this series.