anticipating arkaroola

anticipating arkaroola


915mm x 1220mm

acrylic on canvas, framed

The late afternoon light glancing the rugged mountains at Arkaroola creates spectacular moments and enduring memories.  Anticipating Arkaroola is more of a memory than any particular place at Arkaroola.  Painted in an inspired session, in response to a previous painting of Brachia Gorge in the Southern Flinders Ranges, Anticipating Arkaroola captures the magic of the moment and is archytypical of Arkaroola.

"With the work, I did something unusual, it was a wet, humid day so the acylic paint stayed workable far longer than usual allowing me to control and blend and colour in a way that's more akin to working with oils.  The resulting image has a mystery and magic that captures the essence of Arkaroola".